Spring Bass Fishing

Seasonal Strategies for Spring Largemouth Bass

Diagnosing the Pre-Spawn, Spawn and Post-Spawn Spring Season

For bass fishermen, the birth of a new season brings forth rejuvenated spirits as the spring bass fishing time of year comes upon us. From north to south, anglers are faced with exciting conditions such as the spawn, where you are patience and sight fishing abilities are tested. Largemouth move up to spawn when the water temperatures reach around 65-70 degrees and will begin fanning their bed to lay their eggs when the female and male bass meet. Sandy or gravel bottoms that are firm and hard tend to be the preferred habitat as the bass move shallow in the warming waters.

Slow moving soft-plastic baits are a winning strategy as bedding fish tend to be much more confined to their living arrangements than those fish that are out roaming open water. Spawning bass require a stealth approach and you must be quiet at all times as they will spook very easily. As the water temperatures warm in the spring, it is time to consider tossing your cold weather gear and moving to more erratic actions. The spring bass fishing season is upon us and will be a great year for angling success.

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